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A Certain RatioIf you're familiar with A Certain Ratio, you are an insane music fan. It is tough to find music by this British funk-pop band in the United States.
Knife Slits Water1982
Wild Party1985
A-HaThe world generally knows A-Ha as a one-hit wonder ("Take On Me", US #1/UK #2, 1985), but the band expanded from their light synthesizer pop into a more rich sound in their later years. "Summer Moved On" is a good example.
Move To Memphis1991
Summer Moved On1999
ABCI get the feeling record companies picked British bands at random to promote. ABC didn't seem any different than their peers."The Look of Love" (US #18/UK #4, 1982) propelled the band to brief success. But "Poison Arrow" had a lot more verve to it. "Be Near Me" is a solid, smooth pop song.
Be Near Me1985
Poison Arrow1982
AC/DCWhere can anyone begin with AC/DC? The Australian band managed to merge blues sensibility and bombastic rock with a maladjusted sense of humour. No one could really imitate Bon Scott's vocal style, except for Brian Johnson, who joined the band after Scott's 1980 death. Most of their songs missed the US Top 40. "You Shook Me All Night Long" hit #35, and "Back in Black" peaked at #37. AC/DC had considerably more British chart success.
Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap
Girl's Got Rhythm1979
Highway To Hell1979
It's A Long Way To the Top1976
Shoot To Thrill1980
Shot Down In Flames
The Jack1976
Whole Lotta Rosie1977
Bryan AdamsYes, I know, it's Bryan Adams. But this song has one of the catchier guitar harmonies I've heard.
Run To You1984
AerosmithOne of the defining rock bands of the 1970s, Aerosmith continued to re-invent themselves, from blues band, to arena rockers, to ballad monsters (which I could live without). Their careers seem limitless at this point. Like AC/DC, Aerosmith knew when to poke fun at themselves. Steven Tyler's raspy, scat-style vocals, build on a solid foundation set by Mick Jagger. Their concerts are also some of the most entertaining in rock 'n' roll.
Dream On1973
Dude (Looks Like A Lady)1987
Eat The Rich1993
Janie's Got A Gun1989
Mama Kin1973
Sweet Emotion1975
Taste Of India1998
Train Kept A Rollin'1973
Walk This Way1975
Alan Parsons ProjectIf there's one thing Alan Parsons knew, it was how to produce a crisp-sounding record. The man who helped engineer "Abbey Road" and "Dark Side of the Moon" started his own musical projects in the mid-1970s. The tight, driving "Games People Play" was one of the most popular of Parsons' songs.
Games People Play1980
The AlarmThis band sounded, well, alarmingly like U2 on their first few albums. "Rain In the Summertime" showed their pop sensibility.
Rain In the Summertime1987
Aldo NovaThis song probably has one of the coolest introductions I've heard.
Alice In ChainsRaw, distorted guitars and thundering bass never sounded so good as it did with Alice In Chains. While the rest of the band tried to take a lot of the credit, vocalist Layne Staley's style separated the bands from their peers. It didn't matter that Staley had trouble holding notes, his mournful, screeching vocals just hadn't been heard in many bands. The depressing, often narcotic-influenced lyrics complemented the band's sound well. "Rooster" might be one of the most haunting songs I've heard.
Angry Chair1992
Dam That River1992
Down In A Hole1992
I Stay Away1993
Man In the Box1990
Sea Of Sorrow1990
Them Bones1992
We Die Young1990
What the Hell Have I?1993
Greg AllmanA song that sonically matches its title. Here, Allman covers his own song for a solo album.
Midnight Rider1973
Allman Brothers BandThe Allman Brothers helped define the long form blues-based rock of the 1970s, as well as the contemporary term "jam band". Their complicated arrangements and knack for improvisation made them a delight to see in concert.
Midnight Rider1970
One Way Out1972
Statesboro Blues1970
Stormy Monday1970
Whipping Post1969
A Horse With No Name1972
AnimotionThis is one of the best dance numbers from the 1980s (US #6/UK #5, 1985). Somehow, both members got replaced for a 1989 album.
Aztec CameraThe jangle-pop sound of this Scottish band sometimes mimicked R.E.M. No pun intended, but most Americans were oblivious to Aztec Camera's existence.
Good Morning Britain1990
The B-52'sDrawing upon the absurdity of decades of pop culture, the B-52's created a unique art-pop style similar to Devo and the Talking Heads. Complex rhythms, and avant-garde female vocals matched with minimalist lyrics set the band apart from almost everything else in the late 1970s and early 1980s. As I once read in an article, "The B-52's aren't just a band, they're a hell of a good time". They eventually found chart success in 1989 after releasing the single "Love Shack" (US #3, 1989.
Channel Z1989
Cosmic Thing1989
Dirty Back Road1980
Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland1986
Love Shack1989
Party Out Of Bounds1980
Planet Claire1979
Private Idaho1980
Rock Lobster1979
Song For A Future Generation1983
Strobe Light1980
Bad CompanyUnfortunately, the band has become oversaturated on rock radio stations. Despite the headache-incuding numbers like "Feel Like Makin' Love", and "Shooting Star", the band has a couple of interesting songs.
Burning Sky1977
Running With the Pack1976
BauhausBauhaus helped define the so-called "gothic" style of art rock, which drew upon David Bowie's work, and influenced bands from Sisters of Mercy to Nine Inch Nails. Vocalist Peter Murphy found more success as a solo artist. Guitarist Daniel Ash achieved brief fame as the lead vocalist for Love and Rockets.
Bela Lugosi's Dead1979
The Beach BoysThe Beach Boys were probably the most important American band of the early 1960s.
I Get Around1965
Beastie BoysThe Beastie Boys transformed themselves from hardcore rockers to one of the top rap groups in history. Like Run DMC, the trio originally sampled from hard rock classics, and used their humour to create a unique portfolio. "Hey Ladies" (US #36, 1989) is still one of my favorites.
Egg Man1989
Hey Ladies1989
She's On It1985
(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)1986
The BeatlesIt's the Beatles. Their dramatic artistic progression never hurt their careers, and never came at the expense of a fine pop tune. "A Day In the Life" seems like the perfect combination of the talents of each band member.
A Day In the Life1967
Back In the USSR1968
Come Together1969
Day Tripper
Eleanor Rigby
Golden Slumber's Medley1969
Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Hello, Goodbye1967
Helter Skelter1968
I Feel Fine1965
Magical Mystery Tour1967
Strawberry Fields Forever1967
While My Guitar Gently Weeps1968
BeckThis is much more polished mix of Beck's influences than his previous work.
Where It's At1996
Belle and SebastianUnknown to most Americans, this Scottish group has a real knack for sonically superior pop recordings. They sound remarkably good in concert, too.
Step Into My Office, Baby2004
Ben Folds FiveIn the rush for record companies to find as many Pearl Jam-eqsue bands as they could find, Ben Folds Five slipped in under the fence. Their lyrics resembled an angry, profane update of the B-52s, with their appreciation for absurd pop culture. The piano-playing is some of the finest in rock 'n' roll, and their concerts are outstanding. "Underground" and "The Battle of Who Could Care Less" were the perfect foil for the "alternative" music economy.
One Angry Dwarf & 200 Solemn Faces1997
Song For the Dumped1997
The Battle Of Who Could Care Less1997
Berlin"Sex (I'm A...)" screamed sensuality like no other song from the post-punk era. Too bad Terri Nunn could never recapture it.
Sex (I'm A...)1982
Big Audio DynamiteAfter the breakup of the Clash, Mick Jones formed Big Audio Dynamite as a vehicle for his experiments with dance and hip-hop. "E=MC^2" hit #11 in the UK. But the group never really had chart success in the U.S. until 1991, when they released an album under a slightly different name, with obvious samples from The Clash.
C'Mon Every Beat Box1986
Big Audio Dynamite IISee above.
Big CountryThis Scottish band faded as quickly as they arrived. None of their other songs captured the spirit of "In A Big Country" (US #17/UK #17, 1983)
In A Big Country1983
BjorkIt's safe to say there's no one like Bjork. Her swooping, screeching, yet elegant vocals resembled nothing on the pop charts when the Sugarcubes released their first albums in the late 1980s. Bjork's solo work has enchanced her avant-garde style greatly, as well as her fashion noteriety. Her music videos represent her unique songs extraordinairely well.
Hidden Place2001
Human Behavior1993
It's Oh So Quiet1996
Black FlagLow on technique, but high on message, Black Flag helped put California hard core bands on the map. Considering my line of work, "TV Party" is a hoot to listen to.
TV Party1981
Black SabbathExpanding on Led Zeppelin's heavy blues style, Black Sabbath altered the lyrics to reflect the paranormal and the occult. "Ironman" has one of the most recognizable riffs in history. "Planet Caravan" is dreadfully haunting.
Heaven and Hell1980
Planet Caravan1971
Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath1973
Sweet Leaf1972
The Wizard1970
War Pigs/Luke's Wall1971
BlackfootFun song, nothing more.
Train, Train1979
Blind FaithThis beautiful song developed from a very short-lived collaboration between Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton.
Can't Find My Way Home1969
BlondieThe attractiveness of Debbie Harry aside, Blondie managed to bridge multiple styles and maintain chart success, even though the American band had to go to England to find fame here in the U.S. You can hear the New York influence in "Atomic" (punk, US #39/UK #1, 1980), "The Tide Is High" (a reggae remake, US #1/UK #1, 1981), and "Rapture" (rap, US #1/UK #5, 1981).
Call Me1980
Hanging On the Telephone1978
Heart of Glass1978
Blue Oyster CultHard rock meets science fiction.
(Don't Fear) The Reaper1976
BlurBlur's slight transformation resulted in a separation from contemporary British bands of the early 1990s, into one of the most popular bands in the U.K. They might sound pretentious, but Blur has come up with some noteworthy singles.
Girls and Boys1994
The Universal1995
There's No Other Way1991
BolshoiTheir brief two-year career kept them under the radar, even in Britain.
A Way1986
The Boomtown RatsLead singer Bob Geldof became more well-known for his charitable efforts (Band Aid, and so on). But the Boomtown Rats had a nice blend of musical styles. "Rat Trap" (UK #1, 1977) made them household stars. "Up All Night" is probably my favorite (unusual choice, I know).
Banana Republic1981
Rat Trap1977
Up All Night1981
BostonPower pop meets hard rock. "Foreplay/Long Time" (as long as the two are played together), makes for a good combination.
Foreplay/Long Time1976
Bow Wow WowBow Wow Wow benfitted greatly, because the band was essentially the former members of Adam and the Ants. The band matched their African and Caribbean rhythms well with a funky female singer. A remake of "I Want Candy" (UK #9, 1982), and the raw rhythm of "Go Wild In the Country" (UK #7, 1982) gave them brief success.
C30, C60, C90, Go!1980
Go Wild In the Country1982
I Want Candy1982
David BowieSeemingly, David Bowie has done it all. He's used his teetering voice in so many ways, it's sometimes unrecognizable from one song to the next. I tend to prefer the long-form artsy rock of his early 1970s work, as well as the haunting "Ashes to Ashes" (UK #1, 1980).
Absolute Beginners1986
Ashes to Ashes1980
Big Brother1974
Cat People (Putting Out Fire)1982
China Girl1983
Golden Years1976
Life On Mars1972
Modern Love1983
Panic In Detroit1973
Rebel Rebel1974
Space Oddity1969
Sound and Vision1977
Suffragette City1972
The Man Who Sold the World1970
TVC 151976
Young Americans1975
Billy BraggThe vocal style is a little hard to become accustomed to, but Bragg's lyrics never disappoint.
No Power Without Accountability2003
Waiting For the Great Leap Forward1988
Laura Branigan"Self Control" (US #4, 1984) represents the occasional, unusual guilty pleasure. I never really liked anything else she did.
Self Control1984
Brother CaneThis driving, southern rock song slipped in under the radar at a time when record companies wanted "the next Pearl Jam".
Got No Shame1994
James BrownNo one can really add anything. James Brown defined soul and funk in the 1960s.
Get On the Good Foot1972
Try Me1963
Kate BushKate Bush is often hailed as a prodigy, and a musical genius. Unfortunately, most of her early, drolling piano melodies are a bit too exasperating. "Hounds of Love" is a sonically superior album.
Army Dreamers1981
Experiment IV1985
Running Up That Hill1985
The BuzzcocksPete Shelley fronted this pop-punk band in the late 1970s.
Orgasm Addict1977
What Do I Get?1978
CakeMost of Cake's songs sound alike, in my mind. But a couple of quirky gems exist.
Never There1998
Rock and Roll Lifestyle1995
The CallA Christian band that really wasn't marketed as one.
Modern Romans1983
The Walls Come Down1982
Camper Van BeethovenThis goofy band was a perfect antithesis to the standard-issue pop of the day.
Take the Skinheads Bowling1985
CandleboxAfter their debut album, some of their more melodious work went unnoticed.
10,000 Horses1998
The CardigansThis is the follow-up to a minor hit, "My Favorite Game". I'm still not sure what hooked me; I just know I like it.
Erase and Rewind1998
Paul Carrack
I Live By the Groove1989
The CarsAlong with the punk bands, the Cars brought a revival of 1950s-style rock 'n roll. They just did it more successfully, with a less abrasive sound. "Moving In Stereo" is still a sonic treat, especially with headphones (or by watching "Fast Times At Ridgemont High").
Bye Bye Love1978
Dangerous Type1979
Good Times Roll1978
Heartbeat City1984
Moving In Stereo/All Mixed Up1978
Catherine WheelThe band managed to transform from a Roxy Music-style group to something a little harder (and thus, gained some U.S. popularity).
Black Metallic1992
Chalk Farm
Lie On Lie1996
Tracy ChapmanChapman gained immediate attention with her emotional, sometimes pained voice, and lyrics that drew upon influences like Bob Dylan and Bob Marley. Although Chapman still generates good songs, nothing really captures the spirit of "Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution" or "Fast Car" (US #6/UK #5, 1988)
Fast Car1988
It's Okay2000
Mountains O' Things1988
Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution1988
Telling Stories2000
Charlatans U.K.One of the many bands from the Manchester scene of the early 1990s, Charlatans U.K. took a long time to separate themselves. One song, "Weirdo" (UK #19, 1992), provided an exception with its stellar funk-organ riff.
Love Is the Key2001
One To Another1999
The Only One I Know1990
Ray Charles
What I'd Say1959
China CrisisChina Crisis was another British band largely unknown to American audiences.
African and White1982
Arizona Sky1987
Scream Down At Me1982
ChurchThis Australian band's laid-back "Starfish" album played well in the U.S. I still hear people try to sing "Under the Milky Way" (US #24, 1988) at karaoke bars.
Under the Milky Way1988
Eric ClaptonAlthough Clapton has had a lengthy solo career, he tends to receive more credit for his guitar work with groups like Cream and the Yardbirds. See Clapton in concert, it's a blast.
After Midnight1970
After Midnight '881988
Bad Love1989
Before You Accuse Me1989
Let It Rain1970
Motherless Children1974
Traveling Light2001
The ClashPolitical ideology met with punk when the Clash formed in the mid-1970s. But the Clash were more than a punk band. They expanded into reggae, country and rap-influenced rhythms. "The Magnificent Seven" (UK #34, 1981) and "Rock the Casbah" (US #8/UK #30, 1982) represent that transformation well. "London Calling" is an overtly political album everyone should hear at least once.
Clash City Rockers1977
I'm So Bored With the USA1977
London Calling1979
Lost In the Supermarket1980
Overpowered By Funk1982
Rock the Casbah1982
Should I Stay Or Should I Go?1982
Spanish Bombs1980
The Guns of Brixton1979
The Magnificent Seven1981
This Is Radio Clash1981
Train In Vain1980
White Riot1977
George Clinton
Atomic Dog1983
Bruce CockburnDespite a 30-year Canadian career, Cockburn has very little recognition in this country. "Wondering Where the Lions Are" (US #21, 1980) has a Dylan-esque feel to it. Much of Cockburn's political lyrics can be summed up in the songs "If I Had A Rocket Launcher", and "Call It Democracy".
Call It Democracy1986
If I Had A Rocket Launcher1984
Last Night of the World1999
Wondering Where the Lions Are1979
World of Wonder1986
The Cocteau TwinsDespite soaring, atmospheric voices, the Cocteau Twins have hardly made a ripple in the United States.
Five Ten Fiftyfold1983
In the Gold Dust Rush1983
Speed of Sound2005
Lloyd Cole and the CommotionsHere's another band virtually unknown to the American audience. Cole was probably one of the more inventive singer-songwriters of the time.
Perfect Skin1984
Phil CollinsCollins developed an interesting pattern - release an album with Genesis, then release a solo album, and repeat. It's generally hard to tell the difference between the two, except for "In the Air Tonight" (US #19/UK #2, 1981), his signature song.
In the Air Tonight1981
The Colour FieldThis band was a side project of Fun Boy Three, who in turn were the principal remnants of the Specials.
Pushing Up The Daisies1985
Julian CopeCope was a strange fellow, falling somewhere between Iggy Pop and Syd Barrett. As a member of "A Teardrop Explodes", he got hit in the head with a bottle while on stage. He also slashed his own stomach with a broken microphone. Cope must've ticked off more than a few people; someone eventually recorded a song called "Julian Cope is Dead".
World Shut Your Mouth1987
Brimful of Asha1998
Corrosion of ConformityA loud, abrasive band that emulated the style of 1990s-era Pantera.
Clean My Wounds1994
Elvis Costello (and the Attractions)"The Little Monster", they called Elvis Costello. The man has seemingly experimented with every type of pop music form, from pub rock, to reggae, to soul, to 60s-style pop, and everything in between. Costello hasn't seen much of the charts in the U.S. "Everyday I Write the Book" hit #36 in 1983, and "Veronica" peaked at #19 in 1989.
Accidents Will Happen1979
Goon Squad1979
Less Than Zero1977
Monkey To Man2004
Moods For Moderns1979
Peace, Love and Understanding1979
Pills and Soap1983
Pump It Up1978
Radio Radio1978
Red Shoes1977
Watching the Detectives1977
The CrampsI don't know whether to call The Cramps a novelty band, some neo-rockabilly act, or "that band I only hear around Halloween." "Goo Goo Muck" is a fun, filthy song, though.
Goo Goo Muck1981
The Robert Cray BandGuitarist Robert Cray is probably more known to the blues community than the masses.
Smoking Gun1986
CreamThe all-star combo of Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce generated quite a few hits in a very short period. "Badge" is probably my favorite.
Strange Brew1968
Sunshine Of Your Love1967
White Room1967
Creedence Clearwater RevivalEven though the band hailed from San Francisco, CCR solidified a swampy sound that gave the illusion of deep Louisiana roots. "Fortunate Son" is probably one of the best working-class protest songs of the rock era.
Bad Moon Rising1970
Born On the Bayou1968
Fortunate Son1969
Green River1969
Run Through the Jungle1970
Marshall Crenshaw
Someday Someway1982
Crosby, Stills, Nash (and sometimes Young)Perfect harmony often describes Crosby, Stills and Nash. They added more of a raw edge with Neil Young's addition on the Deja Vu album.
Carry On/Questions1969
Long Time Gone1969
Wasted On the Way1982
Crowded HouseThe death of Split Enz gave birth to Crowded House, who recorded some of the best pop songs of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Some writers compared them to the Beatles.
Don't Dream It's Over1986
Kill Eye1988
Mean To Me1986
Pineapple Head1993
The World Where You Live1986
The CultThe Cult cultivated their style with a heavy dose of metal influences, and indigenous mysticism. "Li'l Devil" (UK #11, 1987) is actually their highest-charting British single. The band never hit the U.S. Top 40 (though they came close with "Fire Woman").
Edie (Ciao Baby)1989
Fire Woman1989
Li'l Devil1987
She Sells Sanctuary1985
Sun King1989
The CureStyle played just as much of a part of The Cure's success as their unique, gloomy melodies. Personally, I had a friend who tried very hard to mimic Robert Smith's unbalanced hairstyle. "Disintegration" was one of the best albums of the late 1980s.
A Forest1980
Boys Don't Cry1980
Fascination Street1989
Let's Go To Bed1982
Love Song1989
Why Can't I Be You1987
DadaThis Canadian band produces music without gaining a lot of attention. "Diz Knee Land" had brief rock radio airplay.
Diz Knee Land1992
Damn Yankees
Mister Please1990
Danzig"Mother" was released twice, first in 1988, then as a concert version in 1993 (that's the version you normally hear on the radio).
Dave Matthews BandConsidering the instrumentation of this band, their popular success was rather surprising. But it's well deserved. The Dave Matthews Band used their rabid, energetic concert following to score a better record deal. With Top 40 radio leaning, and seeking "alternative" acts, DMB appeared at the right time with the song "What Would You Say".
Jimi Thing1994
So Much To Say1996
David and DavidUnfortunately, David Baerwald, and the other David, released just one album. The single "Welcome to the Boomtown" peaked at #37 in the U.S.
Welcome To the Boomtown1986
De La SoulOften called a "hippie act", De La Soul went against the new trend of abrasive and rap groups.
Me, Myself and I1989
Dead KennedysWith Jello Biafra's shrill vocals, and politically charged and accurate lyrics, how can you go wrong with the Dead Kennedys? Almost every song they recorded has extreme relevance today. "California Uber Alles" has multiple versions, referring to Jerry Brown and Ronald Reagan.
California Uber Alles1980
Holiday In Cambodia1980
Kill the Poor1980
Moral Majority1981
When Ya Get Drafted1980
Deep Purple"Machine Head" is probably one of the best hard rock albums of the 1970s.
Highway Star1972
Smoke On the Water1972
Space Truckin'1972
Def LeppardPeople might laugh at Def Leppard's clean image (and they would be right to do so in regard to some of the ballads the band released in the 1990s), but Def Leppard put out some of the more interesting hard rock songs of the 1980s ("Too Late For Love" being one of my favorites).
Armageddon It1987
Billy's Got A Gun1983
Bringing On the Heartbreak/Switch 6251981
Let It Go1981
Love Bites1988
Rock Brigade1980
Too Late For Love1983
Depeche ModeThe synthesister-based band improved with each album, up through "Violator". Depeche Mode has recorded some of the most haunting, emotionally painful and psychologically riveting songs in pop. "Enjoy the Silence" (US #4/UK #6, 1990) is one of my favorite songs of any band or genre. As was the case with most British acts, a year would often pass between an album's British release, and its American release (if released in the U.S. at all). "People Are People" (UK #4, 1984, US #13, 1985) from "Some Great Reward", is a good example.
Behind the Wheel1987
Blasphemous Rumours1984
Dream On2001
Dressed In Black1986
Everything Counts1983
Fly On the Windscreen1985
Get the Balance Right1983
Master and Servant1984
My Secret Garden1982
Never Let Me Down Again1987
People Are People1984
Policy of Truth1990
Route 661987
Shake the Disease1985
Waiting For the Night1990
Derek and the Dominoes
DevoNothing sounded like Devo in the late 1970s. Their stuttered, inventive rhythms were a little too complicated for mainstream America. But Devo had a heavy influence on a number of bands. Devo took their name as a shortened form of "de-evolution", and many of their first songs reflected that thesis. Moreover, the band's image represented the herd mentality of society they railed against. By the way, Devo's remake of "Satisfaction" is one of the coolest remakes I've heard.
Freedom of Choice1980
Girl U Want1980
Got A Gut Feeling1978
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction1977
Last In Line1983
Dire Straits
Sultans of Swing1978
The DivinylsThe band used singer Christina Amphlett's sexuality well (see the videos for "Boys In Town" and "I Touch Myself").
Pleasure and Pain1985
Thomas DolbyDolby's mad scientist image played well in the early 1980s. Unfortunately, Dolby switched to a more romantic song style, and that grew tiresome.
Europa and the Pirate Twins1982
One of Our Submarines1982
Radio Silence1982
She Blinded Me With Science1982
The DoorsAlthough Jim Morrison couldn't sing that well, the Doors produced some of the breakthrough songs of the 1960s. Morrison's fascination with the sexual, the mystic, and indigenous culture meshed well with the organ riffs.
Back Door Man
Break On Through1967
L.A. Woman1971
Light My Fire1967
Love Her Madly1971
Peace Frog1970
People Are Strange1967
Riders On the Storm1971
Soul Kitchen1967
The Alabama Song1967
The End1967
20th Century Fox1967
The DovesThe Doves are kind of a hypnotic band, with their sometimes tumbling, and sometimes soaring melodies in the style of Radiohead.
Sea Song2000
Dream TheaterDream Theater has a very similar style to Queensryche.
Pull Me Under1992
Duran DuranBetween their image, and catchy pop tunes, Duran Duran had phenomenal success for a reason. "Planet Earth" (UK #12, 1981), "Girls on Film" (UK #5, 1981) and Notorious (US #2/UK #7, 1986) are my favorites.
A View To A Kill1985
All She Wants Is1988
Come Undone1993
Girls On Film1981
Hungry Like the Wolf1982
My Own Way1982
New Moon On Monday1983
Ordinary World1992
Planet Earth1981
Save A Prayer1982
Ian DuryIan Dury almost represented rap before the musical form became mainstream. Dury certainly had a way with words and clever beats. The BBC banned "Spasticus" from all but late-night airplay because of perceived jokes about disabled people (Dury wrote it, and Dury had disabilities from childhood polio).
Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick1978
Reasons To Be Cheerful (part 3)1979
Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll1978
Spasticus (Autisticus)1981
The EaglesCountry meets rock and a laid-back California style, with the Eagles, one of the most popular groups of the 1970s.
Hotel California1977
Life In the Fast Lane1977
Take It Easy1972
Witchy Woman1972
Echo and the BunnymenThe Bunnymen were another band heavily influenced by the Doors. "The Killing Moon" (UK #9, 1984) and "Bedbugs and Ballyhoo" are two exceptionally haunting songs. "Echo" was the name of their drum machine on their demo tapes.
Bedbugs and Ballyhoo1987
Get In the Car1999
Lips Like Sugar1987
Seven Seas1984
The Cutter1983
The Killing Moon1984
Duane Eddy
Peter Gunn1960
Elastica"Connection" was an interesting song. Too bad it was so short.
Electric Light Orchestra
Fire On High1976
Electric SixThis song features Jack White on secondary vocals. The lead vocalist almost sounds like Tom Jones.
Danger High Voltage2003
ElectronicNew Order's Bernard Sumner, and The Smiths' Johnny Marr formed this group.
Feel Every Beat1991
Get the Message1990
English BeatKnown as "The Beat" everywhere else in the world, they needed the English prefix in the U.S. to separate themselves from Paul Collins' band "The Beat". The band possessed a unique sound, combining elements of ska, jazz, reggae and pop. Check out the 1980 album "I Just Can't Stop It". When the band split, some members formed General Public, and others formed Fine Young Cannibals.
I Confess1982
Mirror In the Bathroom1980
Save It For Later1982
Too Nice To Talk To1980
Twist and Crawl1980
Melissa EtheridgeEtheridge's husky voice blended well with her blues rock style.
Like the Way I Do1988
Similar Features1988
The EurythmicsAnnie Lennox certainly had one of the more interesting public images of the 1980s.
Here Comes the Rain1984
Missionary Man1986
Donald FagenPart of Steely Dan, Fagen's songs pretty much sounded like any Steely Dan tune. "New Frontier" has an amusing spin on cold war hysteria.
New Frontier1982
Faith No MoreThis California hard core group surprisingly made it big in 1990. Multiple versions of "We Care A Lot" exist, conforming to current events.
Last Cup Of Sorrow1997
We Care A Lot1987
Marianne FaithfulThe doe-eyed one-hit wonder of the 1960s was gone, and a drug-addled, raspy Marianne Faithful took her place. However, it worked very well for this rare new wave album, featuring the creepy "Broken English", and the very frank "Why'd Ya Do It".
Broken English1979
Bryan FerryFerry used to sing for Roxy Music. Ferry eventually drove the band from an art-rock outfit into a crooner act. Many of his songs have the latter quality about them.
Don't Stop the Dance1985
Kiss and Tell1987
Fifth Dimension
Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In1969
FightFormer Judas Priest singer Rob Halford fronted this band.
Little Crazy1994
FishboneFunk, punk and ska equaled Fishbone, a band that seems to have outlasted its contemporaries.
Bonin' In the Boneyard1988
Everyday Sunshine1991
Ma and Pa1988
Party At Ground Zero1985
The FixxThe Fixx had a surprising run on the charts in the United States (especially since they had no British hits). "Saved By Zero" (US #20, 1983) started it, though "One Thing Leads To Another" (US #4, 1983) was their biggest. The Fixx re-recorded many of their songs for a later compilation.
Are We Ourselves1984
Deeper And Deeper1984
One Thing Leads To Another1983
Red Skies1982
Saved By Zero1983
Sign Of Fire1983
Stand Or Fall1982
The Strain1982
Fleetwood MacThe band changed lineups so many times, few of their albums sounded alike. At the time, "Rumours" was one of the biggest-selling albums in pop history. 1969's "Oh Well" is often covered in concert by other acts.
Big Love1987
Gold Dust Woman1977
Oh Well1969
The Chain1977
You Make Loving Fun1977
FlipperIt's a very simple song, but a lot of fun to listen to.
Sex Bomb1981
Flock of SeagullsPeople seem to remember the waterfall hairdos over the music.
I Ran1982
Space-Age Love Song1982
Folk Implosion"Natural One" was one of the catchier songs of the 1990s, featured in one of the more disturbing movies of the 1990s. It was also thought this band formed in response to former peers who had joined the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
Natural One1996
Peter Frampton
Do You Feel Like We Do1976
Frankie Goes to HollywoodBritish TV banned their first video for "Relax" (UK #1, 1984), over its homoerotic imagery. "Two Tribes" (UK #1, 1984) is one of the best dance numbers of the 1980s.
Two Tribes1984
Welcome to the Pleasuredome1984
Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out1994
Fun Boy ThreeThe principal members of the Specials formed Fun Boy Three quickly after the Specials' breakup.
The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum1981
The Telephone Always Rings1982
Peter GabrielThe man who made Genesis an artistic stage presence kept that philosophy alive for his solo career. In addition to interesting pop songs, Gabriel created some of the seminal videos of the MTV age. MTV often rated "Sledgehammer" as one of the best music videos ever. Gabriel didn't title many of his albums, and when he did, he gave them one-word titles like "So" or "Us".
Digging In the Dirt1992
Games Without Frontiers1980
I Don't Remember1980
I Go Swimming1982
Kiss of Life1982
Mercy Street1986
Red Rain1986
San Jacinto1982
Shock the Monkey1982
Solsbury Hill1977
GarbageI don't really know what to say about Garbage, except that you should probably watch Shirley Manson perform "#1 Crush" in concert.
#1 Crush1996
I Think I'm Paranoid1998
I'm Only Happy When It Rains1996
Stupid Girl1996
Marvin GayeAnother of the defining voices of r&b and soul, Gaye made the successful transition from love songs, to political statements, and back again.
Inner City Blues1971
Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)1971
What's Going On1971
Gene Loves JezebelGLJ had moderate success among the few modern rock stations of the 1980s. Amazingly, this British band had no British hits.
Love Keeps Dragging Me Down1999
20 Killer Hurts1987
General PublicOnce again, part of the former band English Beat.
Are You Leading Me On?1984
GenesisGenesis scored big success worldwide, particularly in the mid-1980s, when they softened their sound a little. "Land of Confusion" (US #4/UK #14, 1986) remains one of my all-time favorites (as well as its video).
Home By the Sea1983
Land of Confusion1986
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway1974
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight1986
Turn It On1980
Golden EarringWho hasn't been driving down the highway, singing "Radar Love", belting it even, to the back row?
Radar Love1974
Twilight Zone1982
Golden PalominosA couple of New York musicians created this project, which featured numerous "guest performers", and rarely three songs sounding the same. Michael Stipe contributed mulitple times.
Boy (Go)1985
Ian Gomm
Hold On1979
Goo Goo DollsEverybody compared the Goo Goo Dolls to the Replacements. "We Are the Normal" vs. "Bastards of Young", hmm...
Long Way Down1995
Only One1995
Grand Funk Railroad
I'm Your Captain/Closer To My Home1970
Gravity KillsThis St. Louis band backed its way into familiarity with an excellent dance-rock number on the soundtrack for "Seven".
David GrayGray brought back the singer-songwriter genre of pop to Britain. It took nearly two years for his "White Ladder" album to see airplay in the United States. However, it was worth the wait, because it's a very strong, and emotional album.
Please Forgive Me1999
Sail Away1999
Great WhiteMaybe not the greatest combination of rock talent, but they did generate a couple of interesting songs (though overshadowed by the annoying "Once Bitten, Twice Shy").
Rock Me1987
Guns 'N' RosesOutside of Metallica, GNR was the seminal hard rock band of the late 1980s, and early 1990s. Unlike Metallica, GNR found much more mass appeal (though nearly a year after the release of "Appetite For Destruction"), with catchy singles like "Welcome to the Jungle" (US #7/UK #24, 1988), and an entertaining frontman in Axl Rose. "You Could Be Mine" contains one of my favorite percussion introductions, and of course, "Welcome to the Jungle" has one of the best guitar openers.
Civil War1991
Mr. Brownstone1987
Night Train1987
November Rain1991
Used To Love Her1988
Welcome to the Jungle1987
You Could Be Mine1991
Gus GusMost Americans, maybe even most Europeans, didn't know this band, even after "Ladyshave" was used in a car commercial.
Paul Hardcastle
Wilbert HarrisonI never get tired of this song, even though I've spent much of my life in the area.
Kansas City1959
Isaac Hayes
Theme From Shaft1971
HeartHeart was another band that encountered more success after people considered them "washed up". Many of their biggest hits came from 1985-87.
Jimi HendrixHendrix generated the most alien and unnatural sounds from an ordinary guitar. Considering some of the music on the radio at the time, his work was mindblowing. Hendrix only released four albums before his death.
All Along the Watchtower1968
And the Wind Cries Mary1967
Crosstown Traffic1968
Foxy Lady1967
Hey Joe1967
Manic Depression1967
Purple Haze1967
Red House1967
Voodoo Chile1968
Don HenleyHenley dived into songs of social commentary for his solo career. Don't tell me you've never played air guitar to the interlude in "Dirty Laundry" (US #3, 1982).
Boys of Summer1984
Dirty Laundry1982
John HiattBelieve it or not, Hiatt started recording albums in the mid-1970s. Hiatt was even considered a "new wave" act in the early 1980s (see "I Spy", "I Live for Love", etc.). He's still around, his voice much more gruff than ever, definitely right for the blues.
Something Wild1993
You May Already Be A Winner1983
Peter HimmelmanDespite a lengthy recording career, once again, most people wouldn't know this artist.
Beneath the Damage and the Dust1993
Waning Moon1987
HipswayHipsway was one of those Scottish bands that seemed to have a strange beat sensibility about them.
Honey Thief1986
Robyn HitchcockAlthough covered in glossy production, Hitchcock writes in the style of a folk artist.
Madonna of the Wasps1989
So You Think You're In Love1991
The Hoodoo GurusThe Hoodoo Gurus started as a prototypical college band, writing songs dripping with pop culture sarcasm. Their 1985 album is just as much fun, but a lot more polished.
Death Defying1985
Bruce Hornsby (and the Range)A smart, social song that deserved every bit of success it brought for the artist.
The Way It Is1986
The HousemartinsFatboy Slim was once a part of this group. It's timeless pop.
Happy Hour1986
The Hunger
Vanishing Cream1996
IcehouseIcehouse was one of the first Australian pop bands to receive promotion in the United States in the 1980s. They didn't actually hit the Top 40 until 1987, but several songs dating back to 1981 just missed. Their lead singer must've listened to a lot of Roxy Music albums.
Great Southern Land1982
Hey Little Girl1983
No Promises1986
Icicle WorksI think the titles on this song are reversed in Britain (as it should be, if you know the song). A clerical error must've occurred across the Atlantic.
Whisper To A Scream (Birds Fly)"1984
Billy IdolIdol was one of the leaders in post-punk pop music, with his band Generation X. His look made him a natural for MTV.
Flesh For Fantasy1983
Rebel Yell1983
White Wedding1982
IndigenousThis North Dakota band carefully duplicated the sound of Stevie Ray Vaughan, right down to the vocals.
Little Time2000
Now That You're Gone1999
Things We Do1999
INXSEveryone thought Michael Hutchence resembled a combination of Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison. After dabbling in synth-pop, INXS became worldwide superstars by establishing a groove more befitting of their image.
Devil Inside1987
I Send A Message1984
Listen Like Thieves1985
Need You Tonight/Mediate1987
Original Sin1984
Suicide Blonde1990
The One Thing1983
Wishing Well1992
Iron Maiden
Run to the Hills1982
Chris IsaakAlthough it was the video for "Wicked Game" that propelled Isaak to recognition, his vocals, somewhere between Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison, stand on their own.
Wicked Game1989
Joe JacksonJackson spanned a lot of music styles. In three years, he went from being one of the "angry young men" of British post-punk, to sophisticated piano man. Just compare "Got the Time" with "Breaking Us In Two" (US #18, 1983)
Breaking Us In Two1982
Got the Time1979
I'm the Man1979
Look Sharp1979
Right and Wrong1986
Stepping Out1982
You Can't Get What You Want1984
Michael JacksonUnfortunately, Jackson's eccentricity and private life have overshadowed one of the greatest albums of the pop era.
Beat It1982
Billie Jean1982
Wanna Be Startin' Something1982
The JamDefiantly British, the Jam never had an American hit, and they didn't care. They were the most popular band in England in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Beat Surrender1983
Going Underground1980
Modern World1977
The Butterfly Collector1982
Town Called Malice1982
Jane's AddictionDescribing Jane's Addiction as aggressive might not do them justice. Despite creating abrasive art rock, far out of the mainstream consciousness, they landed record deals, sold albums, and singer Perry Farrell created one of the most popular (briefly) music festivals of the 1990s.
Been Caught Stealing1990
Mountain Song1988
Jefferson AirplaneUnfortunately, this band descended from a fertile psychedelia act to a musical atrocity, as further described in the Jukebox From Hell.
White Rabbit1967
Jesus and Mary ChainThese guys represented one of the few groups of the 1980s to make a career out of distorted feedback and low-fidelity grunge.
Blues From A Gun1989
Far Gone And Out1992
Happy When It Rains1987
Head On1989
Jethro TullThis is the only band that made a flute sound acceptable in rock music.
Living In the Past
Locomotive Breath1971
Eric Johnson
Howard JonesJones hit the charts immediately in the U.S., a rarity for a British pop artist.
The Prisoner1989
What Is Love1983
You Know I Love You, Don't You1986
JourneyYou know my feelings on this band. But nobody can deny the catchy tunes they recorded.
Girl Can't Help It1986
Joy DivisionJoy Division preceded New Order, and helped define "goth" music in the late 1970s. Ian Curtis' melancholy voice is a little hard to grasp. After Curtis committed suicide, the remaining members reformed as New Order.
Dead Souls1979
Love Will Tear Us Apart1980
Twenty-Four Hours1980
Judas PriestJudas Priest provided a blueprint for some of the speed-metal bands to come along in the mid-1980s. But they also drew on a lot of Black Sabbath, with their fantasy-laced lyrics.
Beyond the Realms od Death1978
Breaking the Law1980
Desert Plain1981
Head Out to the Highway1981
Screaming for Vengeance1982
Solar Angels1978
Turbo Lover1986
You've Got Another Thing Coming1982
KansasDespite their complex and wistful arrangements, critics pretty much panned this band. The band's prime components split off in the 1980s, though the remaining members kept recording.
Carry On Wayward Son1976
The Wall1976
KeaneWith a rich and distinctive voice, Keane makes this guitarless, piano sound work. Much like the band Live, the album tracks sound better than the singles.
Bend and Break2004
Somewhere Only We Know2004
This Is the Last Time2004
Untitled 12004
Greg Kihn Band
Killing JokeDefinitely the opposite of many of the slick-produced records of the 1980s, Killing Joke piled on sounds as thick as molasses, giving them a muddy, gothic feel. The song "Eighties" was ripped off by Nirvana for their song "Come As You Are".
Love Like Blood1985
War Dance1980
KingNo, it's not Wham.
Won't You Hold My Hand Now1985
Carole King"Tapestry" was one of the landmark albums of the 1970s.
It's Too Late1971
King MissileThis novelty band doesn't really sing. They, more or less, talk with a reptitive beat. "Detatchable Penis" is amusing, as is the hard-to-find "Cheesecake Truck".
Detatchable Penis1993
The KinksMany punk and new wave bands took the lead from The Kinks. Their famous songs exhibited a sound unlike anything else out there at the time.
All Day and All of the Night1964
You Really Got Me1964
KissIt's pretty easy to joke about Kiss. The over-the-top band promoted themselves as the loudest band in the world, and dressed in outlandish costumes. Unfortunately, the group long outlasted its usefulness.
Detroit Rock City1976
KLFThe KLF were an unusual collection of musicians and DJs who recorded under several names. They also disbanded, promising not to reunite until world peace was declared.
3AM Eternal1991
The La's"There She Goes" has that simple feel of a 60s pop song. It's been covered quite a bit.
There She Goes1991
LandscapeAn electronic-based band owing a lot to Kraftwerk. Catchy tune, though.
Einstein A Go-Go1981
Johnny LangLang had a powerful voice at such a young age. His guitar work also resembles that of Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Still Raining1998
Led ZeppelinWhen Led Zeppelin came around, no one had a term to define their sound. Writers initially called it "Heavy Blooz", later morphing into heavy metal. Their lyrics either dealt with English mysticism and folk, or acute sexuality. I find it difficult to recommend any one song, or album, over another.
Babe, I'm Going To Leave You1969
Black Dog1971
Communication Breakdown1969
Dazed and Confused1969
Four Sticks1971
Good Times, Bad Times1969
Heartbreaker/Livin' Lovin' Maid1971
Immigrant Song1970
In the Evening1979
Misty Mountain Hop1971
Rock and Roll1971
Stairway to Heaven1971
The Battle of Evermore1971
Trampled Underfoot1973
Travelin' Riverside Blues1969
When the Levee Breaks1971
Whole Lotta Love1969
John LennonLennon took a different path than Paul McCartney after the breakup of the Beatles. While McCartney commanded the stage, with the over-the-top Wings, Lennon became something of a recluse, releasing music derived from his moods. "Double Fantasy" represented something of a final acceptance of his life, his past, and role as family man. The album came out a few weeks before Lennon's death.
I Don't Want To Be A Soldier1971
#9 Dream1974
Watching the Wheels1980
Working Class Hero1971
Level 42Another British pop band that bucked the trend and found American success, Level 42 might be most remembered for some crazed fan, who legally changed his name to the names of all the band members.
Lessons In Love1986
Something About You1986
The Chinese Way1983
LiveAlthough Live gets lumped in with Pearl Jam and Nirvana, they had a real knack for introspective, and spiritual lyrics, accentuated by the the singer's wail.
Operation: Spirit1991
Pain Lies On the Riverside1991
The Dam At Otter Creek1994
White, Discussion1994
Living Colour
Cult of Personality1988
Open Letter To A Landlord1988
Los LobosLos Lobos helped spark a revival of sorts, of Americana and roots rock 'n' roll in the mid-1980s.
Will the Wolf Survive1984
Love and RocketsFormer Bauhaus member Daniel Ash formed Love and Rockets. They sounded nothing like Bauhaus, of course, instead generating a neo-psychedelic sound and a surprise hit in "So Alive" (US #3, 1989)
Ball of Confusion1985
So Alive1989
Yin and Yang1986
Nick LoweLowe was more well-known as a producer than a recording artist.
Cruel To Be Kind1979
MadnessOne of Britain's most popular bands from 1979-1982, Madness scored 13 consecutive top ten singles after reaching the UK top 20 on their first try. They didn't actually hit the U.S. Top 40 until 1983, with "Our House" (US #7, 1983/UK #4, 1982). Madness also belonged to what is commonly known as the "ska revival" class, a second generation of the original music form (and inspiration for the "third wave", which included No Doubt and Sublime).
Baggy Trousers1980
House of Fun1982
Mummy's Boy1979
One Step Beyond1979
Our House1982
Shut Up1981
MadonnaHer image and media relations generally overshadow her music, which initially brought disco-oriented beats back to the mainstream.
Into the Groove1985
Sidewalk Talk1985
The Mamas and The Papas
California Dreamin'1966
Manic Street PreachersIt's hard to peg the Manic Street Preachers into any category. Some of their songs resemble Simply Red, in my mind. Others sound like The Jam. They definitely have the political leanings of the latter.
A Design For Life1997
If You Tolerate This...1998
Motorcycle Emptiness1992
You Stole the Sun From My Heart1998
Bob Marley and the WailersReggae's most popular, and most influential artist, Marley never hit the U.S. Top 40. That should say something about the forces driving the radio and record industry in this country in the 1970s and 1980s. Many of his songs are actually love songs and religious songs, but translated well to new nations seeking peace at the end of colonial rule. Marley also rivals John Lennon in the number of posthumous songs released.
Buffalo Soldier1983
Could You Be Loved1980
Get Up, Stand Up1973
Iron Lion Zion1992
Is This Love1979
Three Little Birds1980
Waiting In Vain1977
Ziggy MarleyBob Marley's son.
Look Who's Dancing1988
Tomorrow People1988
Curtis Mayfield
Ian McCullochMcCulloch formerly sang with Echo and the Bunnymen.
Lover Lover Lover1992
MegadethAlong with Metallica, Megadeth was one of the premier heavy metal bands of the second half of the 1980s, and early 1990s. Megadeth focused more on speed metal and nihilist lyrics, whereas Metallica focused on timing, and complex composition. We always make the comparison, because Dave Mustain started out as Metallica's guitarist.
Almost Honest1997
Angry Again1993
Crush 'Em2000
Foreclosure Of A Dream1992
Peace Sells1986
Sweating Bullets1992
Symphony of Destruction1992
Train of Consequences1994
Men At Work
MetallicaMetallica became the most influential heavy metal band of the 1980s, and eventually, the most popular. The combination of thrash metal, and lengthy, complex compositions, kept them off the radio. However, the albums sold very well. "Master Of Puppets" certainly shows Metallica at the top of their game. 1991 brought Metallica into the mainstream. Metallica also toned down their sound in the 1990s, leading to cries of "sellout".
Creeping Death1984
Enter Sandman1991
Fade to Black1984
For Whom the Bell Tolls1984
Four Horsemen1983
King Nothing1996
Master of Puppets1986
Ride the Lightning1984
Sad But True1991
Seek and Destroy1983
The Unforgiven1991
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)1986
Wherever I May Roam1991
Midnight OilWhen Midnight Oil achieved popularity in the late 1980s, folks were probably surprised to find out just how long the band had been around. Midnight Oil formed in the early 1970s. Most of their music had a strong populist, anti-war message.
Armistice Day1981
Beds Are Burning1988
Blue Sky Mine1990
When the Generals Talk1985
Mike and the MechanicsThis wonderful song will probably never feel antequated. As long as power attracts the people least qualified to hold it, the lyrics in this song remain relevant.
Silent Running1985
MinistryWith faux British accents, Ministry crafted a sound far different from other bands of the first half of the 1980s. Lead vocalist Al Jourgensen denounced the disco-tinged beats, and drove Ministry to a much more grinding, industrial sound in the late 1980s. Anything Nine Inch Nails did can be traced back to Ministry.
Cold Life1982
Everyday Is Halloween1984
Jesus Built My Hot Rod1991
MissouriMissouri sounded a lot like the Allman Brothers Band.
Moving On1978
MobyMoby probably did as well as anybody bringing the techno/mix culture into the mainstream. Generally, Moby has a terrible voice. But it works really well for "Porcelain".
Mocean WorkerFunk meets jazz meets swing
Right Now2005
Molly Hatchet
Flirting With Disaster1980
MonacoMonaco is the partial remnants of New Order.
What Do You Want From Me1996
Monster MagnetMonster Magnet were a bit like comic books meeting heavy metal. "Negasonic Teeange Warhead" was a good hard rock track, at a time when the form was becoming stale.
Negasonic Teenage Warhead1994
Space Lord1998
The Moody Blues
Story In Your Eyes1971
Van MorrisonBlues, Irish folk, Celtic, jazz, and rock were all part of Van Morrison's sound.
Wild Night1971
MorrisseyMorrissey if the former lead singer for The Smiths. Much of his solo work retains the same sound (as well as the long song titles).
November Spawned A Monster1990
The Motels
Only The Lonely1982
Motley CrueMotley Crue's wild image, and their publicity, had just as much to do with their success as their sound.
Dr. Feelgood1989
Home, Sweet Home1985
Live Wire1981
Looks That Kill1983
Wild Side1987
Ace of Spades1980
Mississippi Queen1970
Peter MurphyThe former singer for Bauhaus, Murphy expanded his musical base as a solo artist. "Cuts You Up" was one of the best songs of the early 1990s.
All Night Long1988
Cuts You Up1990
Gary Myrick and the FiguresThis is one of the many post-punk and new wave songs that ended up on the Valley Girl soundtrack.
She Talks In Stereo1980